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thread there. tell us everything you want about elections benghazi, polls weather. storms, good night from washington, d.c.. see you tomorrow night 10:00 p.m. eastern. >>> and this is a fox news alert. tonight we are exactly one week away from the most critical election in your lifetime. but first the monster storm sandy pummeled the northeast yesterday leaving massive amounts of destruction in the wake. as of this hour, more than 2.8 million households are power. in new jersey sandy is blamed for five deaths in that state. governor chris christie said the damage is, quote, unthinkable and some of tsohe worst he has ever seen. the jersey shore was particularly hard hit. homes flooded and destroyed. boardwalks and several beach towns were swept into the ocean.ce the full extent of the damage is not known. in new york city, a 14-foot surming of -- surge of sea water swelled into the streets of new york city. authorities say at least 18 people have been killed. all three major airports in new york are still closed. the subway system is completely shutdown. the mayore of new york bl
cut. what is coming up. >> with the election only a few days away. we'll take a look at latest news and make bold predictions. >> and chinese man sues his wife but did he win. shocking answer i gave away last night but we didn't get to the story. finally why are college campuses giving sources on civility. others say it's another example of elite socialists trying to drive their agenda to honest hard working americans. >> andy. i haven't heard about your cat. i don't know if that is true. ever since the storm we haven't heard from stormy. you pout weight. >> i would invite you check them out tonight but i know you have to catch the train. >> in this the last show before the election. i want to make it special. we may have a new president by tuesday? >> we won't. >> greg: that is true. go away. such a jerk. let's welcome our guests. look at her. she is so cute she is mistaken for a beanie baby. check out the website, the and jill. and zamboni i would ride him before and after a hockey game. a cultural news editor. and in seattle he is considered a coffee grinder. and he is so sharp t
conch. election day is almost here. and the americans are urged to vote and publicly shamed if they don't. but is it a sacred right or the folks that are too tight? i envy them. former "red eye" guest notes, it is considered universally acceptable to demand our neighbors get informed. less acceptable are those who ought not to vote. they wonder if there is an obligation to study the candidates. there are limited hours in the day she says, and for many of us very limited hours not claimed by work and familial observation. maybe you would rather be rereading mow -- moby dick. not for me. i would rather be doing this. >>> should everyone vote or just smart people like me? >> do what ever you want. that's the whole poi tbh t. if what you want is to not vote and read the right books and go on weird tiny buses -- >> the joy of hate would be a start. the joy of hate has been considered the mow be dick -- the mobey dick of its era. >> no one would besmirch such a title of the. >> we had a cover story that carrie mentions in herpes. your vote doesn't count. well, of course, but i don't find thei
elections, am i right? >> you are absolutely right. >> i only moved here a few years ago. this is my first presidential debate. you are great, america. it is fantastic you make the person who wants to be the leader of the free world two people go after it. loved it. and i loved the drinking games and the stories everybody had on twitter. loved all that. fundamentally obama probably won on point, but at the end of the day romney did a great job. he is trying to look acceptable. and he has. that's romney's big win out of these three debates. he made himself look acceptable. >> i guess that's a good point. i am disuh interest pooed -- i am disappointed in the joke telling by obama. usually obama is good at telling jokes. >> it was great. he got a writer from the chevy chase show and he did some classic zingers. i am glad the debate is over though. i figure if there was a fourth debate it would be them talking through their teeth and trying to smile. >> there was a time there when i thought they were going to say, screw it. we are done. why are we doing this? i am glad they did it. i learned s
which is short for $100. he is up for re-election and they will not answer question bets allegation with the spokeswoman saying, quote, we are not going to respond to a completely false allegations. yes, i had sex and it was not that great. speaking of getting service. >> okay. oh that feels good. come on. oh yes, that feels oh so good. oh man, great massage. >> feels good. yes. >> the odd thing about this is the goats paid him. >> that's the only odd thing about that? >> it is goat excrement. >> there was some on his shirt. >> you are not outraged somebody would employ a prostitute, but how about the allegation he underpaid them. sbt that the story about -- isn't that the story about breaking a contract? >> not only do i not dissaw prove, but i want to move to jersey and vote for them. his opponent is going to kill him. he is saying bob menendez, shipping jobs to the do minute ceb -- dominican republic. the secret service got in trouble for that. stop haggling with third world hookers. pay them what you said you would pay them. they have nothing to lose and you have a lot to lose.
. >> yes, we plan. >> you know who is blightfully unaware of the ad and the general election in general? these guys. >> our goat -- our economy is a goat in a wheel bear row. >> i saw that. >> or the goat is an economy in a wheel bear row. >> or the goat needs -- >> and both are going uphill. gavin, celebrities have a cultish devotion to obama. does this go too far or not far enough? >> i didn't understand that movie. were they saying it was a pro abortion thing? women have a right to choose and all of that? >> i don't get that whole thing. isn't the morning after pill the end of the abortion debate? >> perhaps. >> no, are you kidding me? >> what if this happened or what if there is an accident? well yes then you take the pill. >> christians hate the morning after pill because they consider it abortion. i hate the morning after pill because it is $60. >> that raises the question, what is abortion to a liberal? when is it not an abortion? >> i don't understand the ad because it says yes we plan. when by definition you did not plan if you need an abortion. >> exactly. i am a pro life cath
Search Results 0 to 11 of about 12 (some duplicates have been removed)